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Mobile & Internet Plans

Additional to IT Support, Two Tone provide mobile phone and internet plans to suit your needs.

From one mobile to an entire fleet, we can tailor a solution to work best for you, with competitive rates.

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servicing Hervey Bay, Maryborough & surrounds

Our Mobile & Internet Plans

With NBN rollouts happening across the Fraser Coast and surrounds, we can upgrade your premises and arrange new connections. Capital city style internet is now available at selected areas. Speeds up to a gigabit (1,000Mb/s) on a reliable fibre network means you’ll have higher speeds and lower latencies.

Having a stable internet connection can greatly increase productivity in the workplace. With a reliable internet connection, employees can access the information they need quickly and efficiently, without wasting time waiting for pages to load or dealing with dropped connections. This allows them to complete their tasks more quickly and effectively, which in turn can lead to higher levels of productivity.

Additionally, a stable internet connection enables employees to communicate with each other more effectively, whether through email, instant messaging, or video conferencing. This can facilitate collaboration and teamwork, making it easier for employees to work together towards a common goal. Overall, a stable internet connection is an essential tool for workplaces, and can greatly improve efficiency and productivity.

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Phone & Internet Services Testimonials

I was struggling with my internet connection on fttn, had lots of dropouts and around 25Mbps download speed. Spoke to TTECS and they upgraded me to fttp within about a week. Similar pricing to the other provider I was with. My speeds have gone above 650Mbps and I’ve had no dropouts so far – blown away that I can get those speeds here in Hervey Bay!



Fantastic company to deal with, very prompt and professional staff. They organised my internet connection and it was smooth and hassle free.

Greg S.